what people had to say to these plant-based drink brands.

what people had to say to these plant-based drink brands.

we regularly look at the comments made by our lovely users, like you!

So let's look at some of our favourite funny, insightful and wonderful comments made about these dairy alternative brands.

Mixed feelings about  Oatly

Transparent but linked to deforestation? Yikes...

Rude Health? Nah they're actually really polite.

Being B Corp certified seems to be a hit.

MIGHTY! Oh yes, they are.

No Palm Oil = Loves it. Certified by Mondra = Also yes

Rebel Kitchen making me want to rebel too 🤘

Loving 1% for the planet donations and a hit with vegans.

Minor Figures (pretty major figures imo)

Refill stations ✅  Sustainability Report ❓

Alprobably needs to be a bit clearer.

Here are our key takeaways from these comments:

1. Issues with packaging

The problems identified include a lack of transparency about packaging. Increasingly we're seeing consumers recommend alternative packaging such as glass packaging, even delivery and refill models.

2. Consumers appreciate Certifications and Accreditations

''Congratulations on your B Corp certificate!'' is a common comment. Consumers appreciate and recognise the effort it takes a brand to become certified.

3. Consumers ❤️ Transparency

Several users praise the companies for being transparent. More specifically, people were happy when they saw MONDRA labelling on the products. They also recognise companies setting realistic goals by 2025 and appreciate that it is a step by step journey.

However 💔 there was still some uncertainty about the sourcing of the ingredients and wanted to know more as they were concerned about the environmental impact of ingredients like coconuts or almonds.

There were some key issues that became apparent from the comments regarding the environmental impacts of milk. Deforestation is one concern. Sometimes consumers just aren't convinced but overall

Generally, the comments are positive, but consumers are demanding more than a plant-based alternative.