The Best Vegan Food on Deliveroo

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The Best Vegan Food on Deliveroo

By now, most of us know that vegan food is much more than just salads and pasta. People and restaurants alike are getting extremely creative with their vegan dishes, using unusual ingredients like banana skins or just re-imagining what a dirty burger can look like.

With lockdown 2.0 now upon us, we wanted to share some of the fun vegan food available on Deliveroo around the UK and help support these incredible businesses.

Disclaimer: expect your mouth to water!




Using plant-based and local ingredients, by CHLOE makes satisfying and wholesome dishes. We’re really inspired by their ability to transform dishes into ultra tasty vegan alternatives. What we’d order? The Mac n Cheese which uses a nut based cheese, sweet potato and cashew sauce with almond parmesan, and crispy shiitake mushroom bacon. Wuuuut!



Mildred’s serves internationally inspired vegetarian and vegan dishes, showcasing itself as a purpose-led restaurant. What we’d order? This kimchi chick’n burger, which looks bangin’!


The Vurger Co

With a fully vegan menu, locally sourced ingredients and compostable packaging, Vurger Co is really changing the fast food landscape. They started off as a market stand back in 2016 and now have their own restaurant where they test a bunch of new vegan recipes. What we'd order? The crispy "chicken" burger, which is actually soya-based.


Crosstown Vegan Doughnuts

Who said vegan's can't eat doughnuts? For the sweet-toothed, Crosstown have replaced eggs and dairy with a range of plant-based alternative ingredients. For instance, they use chia seeds and coconut butter in their dough. What we'd order? A whole vegan dozen box of goodies!



What the Pitta

With the London restaurant winning the 'Best London Takeaway' for the Kebab Awards 2020 on Deliveroo, the Brighton-based branch deserves some love too. What the Pitta is a cult-classic for vegans and non vegans. What we’d order? The vegan döner with all the salads and döner “meat”.



Craving something Asian? VeganOut is a restaurant serving Pan-Asian dishes, but vegan! You can eat a vegan version of anything from gyoza to green coconut curry. What we’d order? This tofu pad thai which looks tasteeey.




Serving plant-based junk food, Oowee won Deliveroo’s Restaurant Awards: Restaurant of the Year and Best Vegan Offering! This one is the best for those trying to pig out, without harming pigs hehe. What we’d order? The sneaky clucker burger… ooooweee we’re drooling.


The Athenian Plant Based

Inspired by the traditional souvlaki, The Athenian has made every dish 100% plant based! Their pita bread is homemade and they’re really original because they go beyond using just halloumi or meat-free meats. What we’d order? The courgette fritter wrap which we’ve never seen before on other menus!




This plant-based eatery is not one to miss for our Mancunian buddies. Cooking up a storm, this restaurant offers vegan comfort foods that look exactly like what you’d want for breakfast, lunch and dinner… (some days no one can be bothered to cook all day). What we’d order? The Reuben bagel with tempeh, sauerkraut and cheeze.


Biff's Vegan Burgers & Wingz

Yezz, another dirty vegan burger joint for us all to devour! Biff’s is based around the UK and has a branch in Manchester. Using the tropical jackfruit, they’re making indulgent food accessible to all plant-based eaters. What we’d order? The Samuel Hell Jackson burger which has crispy fried jackfruit, chipotle slaw, maple chipotle hot sauce, jalapeños, American cheeze and BBQ sauce. Damn!




Hummus is the star of the show at Humpit, so if you like hummus then you're in for a treat! With a plant-based and simple menu, each dish feels very authentically middle-eastern. What we'd order? The Sharing Mezze for two.



Oh my ggggg! Gluten-free, vegan and naturally sweetened cookies! What else could you want? Now during lockdown, the cookie company is also delivering raw dough so we can bake our cookies at home... who doesn't love the smell of cookies wafting around the house! What we'd order? A whole mixed boxed of cookies because... well, do we really needs to explain?