If you’re working on your fitness ("he’s my witness, muah") and like to look good at the gym, park, on your bike, in your home, or wherever you’re wearing activewear, then this blog is for you. We get wanting to look good, but it’s also important to be wearing activewear designed and made by a purpose-driven brand.

Here are our picks on which brands we believe deserve your hard earned cash money.

Girlfriend Collective

Rated ‘great’ by Good On You

American activewear brand, Girlfriend Collective, uses recycled materials to create comfortable, sleek, colourful and multi-sized pieces. We love this brand because they’re super transparent, use sustainable materials like recycled plastic and fishing nets, and cupro (a waste product from cotton). Their factories are also certified SA8000 (a certification that protects workers worldwide), and they offer inclusive sizing!

Check out their about us page for more information.

For our cyclist friends, who like to ride out into nature, we recommend these high-rise bike shorts.

Organic Basics

Rated ‘great’ by Good On You

Organic Basics has a “low impact” sister site, meaning that it reduces data transfer by up to 70% while you shop, helping you reduce carbon emissions! Yes, yes, yes!! The brand makes simple and elegant “basics” like underwear, activewear, and everyday necessities. Sustainability is embedded in their brand ethos; they use recycled materials and organic cotton, plus they only work with suppliers that share their sustainable mission.

Check out their about us page for more information.

For our yogis, we recommend these leggings, which come in a few other colours!


Unrated by Good on You

This activewear brand sets itself apart by solely using reclaimed materials. They use plastic bottles, newspapers, cement sacks, tea sacks, fishing nets and recycled cotton for their garments and packaging. Every time you buy a piece they'll either donate to charity or plant a tree on your behalf. We also really like their scrunchies, made from cutting room scraps which would otherwise go to waste.

Check out their sustainability page for more information.

For those that like to work out three days a week, mix and match their different sports bras with their breathable leggings.


Rated ‘great’ by Good On You

This German outdoor sports brand use great materials like organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester to create their long-lasting clothes. Plus their production is GOTS certified and fair. They don’t use any plastic in their packaging and they offset their delivery’s carbon emissions. They even claim they are the first brand to make a fully recycled, carbon-neutral, outdoor jacket.

Check out their about us page for more information.

For those wanting to go on walks on cold days, we recommend this thermal coat.

Elle Evans

Rated ‘great’ by Good On You  

Primarily a swimwear brand, Elle Evans has also added an activewear collection. The brand only makes the garments when they are ordered, ensuring that these go to homes rather than to landfill. They use econyl, a fabric derived from ocean plastics like fish nets and PET plastic bottles. Offcuts are used for small details like tassles, which is really creative. Finally, to close the loop, you can send your pieces back to Elle Evans so that they can recycle these as they see fit. They also have very inclusive sizing.

Check out their about us page for more information.

For our yogis, this beautiful coloured set is the one.

For our swimmers who want to look feminine and not too sporty, this frilly swimsuit is the one.

Let us know your favourite sustainable activewear brand!