Look, Stop, Swap with Dr. Will's

Look, Stop, Swap with Dr. Will's
"As a Doctor, I cannot sit by as we I see first-hand the damaging effects of a high-sugar diet on our children" - THE Dr. Will from Dr. Will's (yes, he is an actual Doctor 😍)

The brand produces all-natural, naturally sweetened sauces in a quest to redirect people from high sugar products like Heinz's Ketchup and whilst they're doing an awesome job so far, they recognise that they can't do it alone.


On a mission to make children's lifestyles healthier, Dr. Will's has joined forces with a group of like-minded health-conscious businesses to help tackle this sugar crisis.

"One in five children will be overweight by the time they start school. By the age of 10, this will be one in three."

They have put together a whitepaper which combines the opinions of 1000+ parents, along with medical, government & retail data which exposes the effects of a high-sugar diet on the next generation of children, and what can be done about it.

They're not only tackling the sugar crisis head on but also supporting those in need in Ukraine by selling limited-edition swap boxes which feature products from The Curators, ManiLife, Nix & Kix, Spoon Cereals, Tweek Sweets and Well & Truly.

ALL profits are being donated to World Central Kitchen - who are providing meals to those in need in Ukraine.

Head to Dr. Will's page to find out more and buy your box.

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