Ethical Stores in Bristol 🛍️

Ethical Stores in Bristol 🛍️

For all our Bristol-based superstars, we’ve made a list of some awesome ethical stores you can visit. At wherefrom, we’re pretty obsessed with these kinds of stores because they’re independent, purpose-driven, and they help us reach our individual sustainable living goals by stocking sustainable alternatives.

Here it goes!

Zero Waste Shops

Zero Green Bristol

First up is this incredible bulk buy zero waste shop which was the first of its kind to open in Bristol! You can bring your own container and fill it up with a myriad of dry foods. You can buy products from wonderful sustainable brands and, interestingly, pay a deposit for the packaging so that you’re incentivised to bring it back to the store! They also sell laundry detergent that you can fill into containers, as well as other home care and beauty products. Finally, they also host workshops (cancelled due to covid, but still!) on DIY projects like how to make your own kombucha… Zero Green is leading the change we need.

80 North Street, Bristol BS3 1HJ

Smaller Footprints

This is another incredible zero-waste store helping you make your footprint smaller ;). You are encouraged to bring your own containers so that you can fill them with their wonderful loose items. Something that makes Smaller Footprints stand out is the fact that you can grind your own nuts for nut butter! They also sell non-food items and have a focus on local producers which will help you discover alternative goods that are worth your money!

9 Regent St, Clifton Village, Bristol BS8 4HW


A zero-waste shop with a bunch of sustainable alternatives, run by husband and wife Jayne and Karl. The interior design is really modern and chic, the general manager is a Jack Russel (cute!), and Jayne has her own side business of making sustainable zero waste hair care products, which are also stocked in the store. We really love Bloop because they have a lot of starter kits and sets which make life easier for beginners. For instance, they sell soap lover kits and plastic-free essentials kits which look lush!

123 Oxford Street, Totterdown, Bristol BS3 4RH

The Plastic Free Shop

Ok so this one is an online-only retailer, but we thought it’d be worth adding for those of you that might be shielding or want to get a big load of things without carrying them home. The Plastic Free Shop has won quite a few awards as it stocks a wonderfully vast collection of mostly plastic-free goods (and some goods with a little bit of plastic, but they want to promote the companies heading in the right direction). Things that set them apart are their garden section, and the books they stock that can educate around sustainable living. They’re also a member of the 1% For The Planet initiative, meaning that they give 1% of their annual profit to environmental charities.

No shop image, but they curate these “favourites” lists which are really helpful!

Non-food Stores

We thought this would be nice for those trying to buy better clothes and accessories!

Found Hea

This store is in a shipping container, which is already pretty steezy! They sell pioneering ethical and sustainable brands, which they choose by making sure these brands fit their buying standards on social and environmental issues. If you check their website you can find out why they chose each product on the product page, where they also include how brands can improve. So they’re educating consumers, showcasing only the best brands and helping make a sustainable change.

Unit 20, Cargo 2, Museum Street, Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1 6ZA


Everything that Maboo sells is made from bamboo! From clothing to toothbrushes, they create and design all of these products using bamboo. Actually, Mabboo says “We're the original brand built on bamboo and very proud of it.” That’s pretty awesome! Bamboo is a really sustainable plant which grows easily and can be used to make soft fabric or woody products like watches.  

Mabboo, 2nd Floor, Unit UG12, The Galleries, Bristol, BS1 3XD


This store aims to change the way we consume, helping us buy less and better. For now, they are online, but they will soon open their store in Cargo 2 so that’s really exciting! They only stock products from ethical and sustainable brands that they know intimately. They make sure that these brands share their values and look at their supply chains to make sure these brands are also a force for good. On the online store, you can even shop by cause!! People, planet or wildlife - amazing!

Helen Symonds opens store - image by 365 Bristol‌‌

Interestingly, Frankly will be opening at Unit 5 of CARGO 2, previously home to Mabboo.

Have we missed any hidden gems? Write to us and let us know!

Big up to our Bristol gang, thanks for joining us in our sustainable journey.