Come Fly With Me Sustainably

Come Fly With Me Sustainably

We all know that travelling on a plane isn't exactly considered the most eco-friendly mode of transport. In fact, it creates the highest output of Co2 emissions than ALL other means of getting around (eeeek!). Who else is thinking of all the recent controversies surrounding celebrities travelling habits? Most notably the excessive use of their private jets.

Taylor Swift found herself in hot water (or hot air :L) when it was revealed her private jet was flown 170 times within a 7 month period. These celebs should think twice about their flying habits. Especially when you recognise the potential impact on the environment. 170 flights in the short period of time totalled nearly 23 THOUSAND minutes in the air (which is close to 16 days btw). More shockingly, this is estimated to have produced 8,293.54 tonnes of carbon… which is 1,884.8 times MORE than the average person yearly usage.

Much like Taylor, Kylie Jenner has recently been labelled a climate criminal for a private jet flight which came under fire for taking a mere 17 minutes. This is considerably worse when the realisation that driving (the more sustainable option) would have only 40 minutes (we don’t stan impatient celebs!). This resulted in nearly a tonne of carbon emissions. To put this into perspective, the 17 minute flight was equal to over a quarter of the average persons yearly output of carbon... yikes.  

Not only unattainable but unsustainable!

Obviously we don’t want to discourage people from going on their holibobs and let's be honest, we all need a break from the wet and windy British weather once in a while. Like who wouldn't want to be on a beach, getting bronzed up and necking mojitos?

Unlike Taytay and Kylie, the average person doesn’t just hop on their own jet when they fancy a week away in the Costa Del Sol. Instead, we whip out our phone and look for the cheapest and easiest airline to fly with. BUT should we add the sustainability of the airline company to our list of flight requirements?

wherefrom says yes!

Flying long haul?

Fancying a trip across the pond? Or wanting to explore the deserts of Dubai? You need to get your arse on a plane, but are unsure which to choose! Two options immediately spring to mind... British Airways & Virgin Atlantic.

Check out their wherefrom profiles with crowd-sourced reviews to make that choice easy.

British Airways

Virgin Atlantic

Budget Airlines

On the other end of the spectrum there are your classic budget airlines. The ones you would find yourself gravitating towards when fancying a European city break or a cheeky trip to Benidorm. We have all heard of the following  airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet & Wizzair) and sometimes these airlines can get a bad rep (soz sleazyjet). However, budget doesn’t have to mean bad, especially when it comes to the environmental effort. Here are the following wherefrom sustainability sentiment scores of these airlines and an insight into the sustainability efforts they have in place (or are lacking) as detailed in reviews.



Wizz Air

Ok, so you've checked the wherefrom scores, you've chosen to fly with the highest-scoring airline and now you're 30,000 feet high.

But how do you keep up your sustainably-minded reputation mid-air?

Choose sustainable products, obvs!

But to help you do this we'll have to do the opposite of flying and take a deeper dive into our highest-scoring airline - British Airways. We looked at their in-flight menu and ranked some of their products. So when you are flying on your not-so-sustainable method of travel, at least you can be mindful of what you're eating & drinking. No excuses now gang!

All sustainability sentiment scores are accurate as of 19/10/22 

Clearly we are not here to tell people not to fly, in fact i'm already daydreaming about planing my next trip to Ibiza as I write this! Our aim is to provide crowdsourced information so you can make a more informed, eco-friendly, decisions. So, when you next feel like flying, check out our website to have a look at our sustainability sentiment scores :)  

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